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I'm so sorry I haven't been on here in like eighteen million years.
Jeez. WELL, here's what's goin on:
-Me and Christopher aren't best friends anymore. Or friends at all. I got tired of his shit.
-I started talking to this guy, Isac, that lived like 2 hours away from me. Then found out he was talking to his ex. So we aren't talking anymore.
-I'm now 16 years of age.
-I've tried twice to pass the written test at the BMV(Bureau of Motor Vehicles) so I can get my PERMIT. I keep missing too many.
-Tomorrow, I will be a vegetarian for 1 year and 11 months.
-Traveled 3 hours (all the way to Indianapolis) to see Black Veil Brides<3 Here is my picture with Andy Sixx<3
-I got my simulated baby from Child Development last weekend. HATED IT.
-Took it to that BVB concert and Andy Sixx held my DANG baby. It. Was. Kick. Ass.
-I will hopefully be seeing Blood On The Dance Floor next month with Chase.
-I will hopefully be seeing BrokeNCYDE and MILLIONAIRES next month with Tammy and Haley.
-I will hopefully be seeing Black Veil Brides next month with Tammy and Haley.
-I'm going to be a Black Veil "Bride" for Halloween^__^ I have the contacts(bright green), black fluffy skirt, BVB shirt from concert, hairspray and comb for teasingg<3, andddddd Black Cream stuff to use as makeupp!<3 I shall draw the scar and eyemakeup stuffss!!:D
-My uncle Kevin said he might be able to get me an iPhone for Christmassss!!:D
I've had a pretty great year.
Well, it's had it's ups and downss, and I hope 2011 is just as great or maybe even better(:
Alright, so one more thing, I tried posting on LJ on my phone and it wouldn't send for some reason. Like it was all "No Response" or "Connection Failed" and I'm like EFF this.
Soooooo I'm going to try to get on here a LOT more.
I know I said that before, but it's true this time^__^
Okay, I'm going to finish the Journal list thing.
Here we go(:

My Parents.

Sorry I haven't been on in a while,
Schweizerfest and preparation for school have been crowding my days.
I'll try to get on more often.
Before I get to the topic of this, my crush is no longer my crush.
He texted me saying "fuck you" and that he hated me.
Because people kept telling him that him and I should go out.
He didn't like it, so instead of saying "fuck you" and "I hate you" to them,
he decided to say it to me.
It's whatever.
Here we go.

Mom- You're an amazing person, you're always wanting to please people, and you're always good to me. Yes, you can be mean and raise your voice at times, but that's just what moms do, I guess. I know I can have an attitude at times, and I'm sorry. You've always let me be myself, at times. When it's normal. Like, letting me get my monroe pierced, letting me put posters up in my room, letting me dress the way I want. Letting me hang out with the people I hang out with. Trusting me with going places. Knowing that I'm not going to do anything reckless. I thank you for that. I thank you for not yelling at me for everything. Like if I slip up with cussing, which I don't do a lot. Only when I'm extremely mad or sad. Or if I'm explaining something. I love that we can share stuff, I know you're always there, and I can lean on you, and you can do the same. I know you're really stressed right now, and I hope that these times wear off fast. Thank you for everything, Mom. I love you<3

ahh...here we go...

Dad- I love that you have a good sense of humor. And that you're very loving. The fact that you're so controlling and outspoken doesn't make me happy, though. Mom and Mamaw have both told me how you used to treat Mom. Plus the way you would treat me. If I did something like burp in public or sneeze without covering my mouth, you would yell at me or hit me. I have to watch what wear at your house. If I wore a shirt that said "The Devil Wears Prada" you would burst into flames, or something. You're always telling me that I should lose weight. Yeah. That's great for my self-esteem. If I say some girl's hair is cute if it has a little pink streak in it, you give me a 17 minute lecture about how expressing yourself like that is just attention craving and that isn't God's work. When you found out my monroe was pierced, you said you would be "extremely disappointed" in me if I put it back in. That wasn't an ugly piercing. I don't do drugs. I don't smoke. I don't drink. I'm saving my self. I could be SO much worse and I don't know why you don't see that. Yes, I appreciate that you've introduced Jesus into my life, and I appreciate you being there for me, and loving me, but I can't be myself with you. Nothing I do is right for you. If I get a C, you say that I'm going to be pregnant before I'm out of high school, working for minimum wage at a gas station, and you basically make me feel worthless and I hate that. I wish you would be more accepting. No matter what, I'll always love you, I just can't change some things. I hope things get better, because I just don't know right now. Thank you for everything, Dad. I love you.

My Crush.
Dear Crush,
Our hook-up was pretty much amazing. When you took me down by the river and we sat on log and made out.
Once. Basically you want to hang out with me when you're in Troy, spending the night with Sean, and when I hang out with you, I want to lean in and kiss you. I've told you I liked you and I don't know what you think of that....I wish you would have some compassion for my feelings. I like you, a lot. A lot, a lot. But I guess I'm wasting my time? I'm hoping school comes fast, so I can see you more and hopefully we can date. I hope you like me. Please care about me. I like youu.
I wish I was yours,

My Best Friend.

My Best Friends mean a lot to me.
Like, I can't live without them.
I have five of them(:

Samantha Breanne Knaebel--you are an amazing friend. We can rock out anytime we're together. We can be immature about things, and not even care. We stay up until like, 4 and 5 am, we switch words around and laugh at any immature outcome. Like "build the kitchen" or "popcorn"(: and people are gonna stop there wondering how those are immature. I keep you in line when you start to get in trouble. We're complete opposites, but it's okayy. We can talk to each other about parents, boys, and stuff. We have so many inside jokes that we can't count them. Hell, we can't even remember them all, haha. The one that almost everyone knows that we do is "good one" *high five* I don't even remember why we started this. I know we were in Spanish class and I said it to Casey and high-fived you and it started from there. You make me smile when I'm sad, which you know I hate...and we just know how to liveee(: and you're just an all around amazing friend(: I love you Samantha(:

Ayla Jo Northerner--you are my most trustworthy friend. We can talk about anything, and we give each other great advice(: You have been my best friend since 7th grade. I love you to pieces. We have so much fun together and it rocks. You make me feel better when I'm sad, you are one of the only people that I go to when I'm sad, I need advice, or I'm just in need of a friend. Basically my main GO TO person I love driving around with you and blasting music(: We stay up all night talking and watching Zombieland. I hate your dog, Allie. She's a bitch. Sammie's a cutie though(: your mom is totally cool, and it's awesome and a bit creepy at the same time that she's totally comfortable talking about sex with us:P haha(: I love you Ayla(:

Erin Rhea Shoemaker--Erin, you are the coolest kid, besides me(: When you and I are together, there's no stopping us. We rock the socks off Stickam(: You are one of the prettiest girls that I know. Even though you don't agree with me about that:P I know that I can go to you when I'm having problems or a bad day and you know you can come to me too(: We've been through a bunch, we have so many indepth conversations. You know how to make me feel better and you understand all I've been through, and I try to understand some of the things you've been through. You've had a tough life, but you know I'm there for you. You help me through my tough days and all my problems. You're one of the only people I will go to if I'm sad, having troubles, or just REALLY need a friend to talk to. I love talking to you so much because you make me laugh, 24/7(: I love you Erin(:

Krystal Ann Huff--a.k.a KrystalMethHuff orr Strykal(: you're my age, and you're makin that cashh floww. You make me feel like a hobo:P you and your McDonald's job:P but it's okayy(: you know whyy? Because you're AMAZINGGG(: You are soooo funnyy! and you're so openn, you're not afraid to say what you feel(: We like many of the same things, and we can talk about stuff, you're just an amazing best friend(: I lovedd Algebra when we would draw a collage of random junk during notes or going over homework and then give them to each other at the end of class(: I make fun of your infatuation with Lady Gaga, when deep down, I love her too(: I love seeing your brother's face when I tell him I'm going to marry him, or that I love him(: It's so funnyy(: Basically, you're amazing(: I love you Krystal(:

Christopher Matthew Flores--Christopher, you are my BEST guy friend. We've been through a LOTT, and had our ups and downs, but you know that you can always go to me if you need someone to talk to and I can go to you if I need someone to talk to also no matter whatt(: I can talk to you if I need a guy perspective or guy advice. I can trust you with basically everything and you know you can trust me(: You make me feel better when I'm sad. You always know how to make me smile. I know that if anyone heard us talking about your baby that you breastfeed in Earth Science, they'd think we were crazyy(: We talk about a bunch of funny stuff, like fuckin arms hardcore and junkk(: Christopher, you rockk and we'll always be the bestest of friendss(: I love you Christopher<3

First Day.

My name is Alexa Brooke Martin.
I'm 15 years old, Junior in High School, only good at Math and English.
I've been a vegetarian for a year and eight months.
I'm a bit selfconcious at times.
Awkward moments define my life.
Any more about me, just ask, and I'll write about it.
Here we go...

So, this is my first day to LiveJournal, with this account.
I've had plenty of LiveJournals before, but I'd like to start over with a better one.
I love writing, I actually hope to be an author or journalist one day.
But I'm going to write the first few journals with these topics.
Which is this.
Write a letter to:
Your Best Friend
Your Crush
Your Parents
 Your favorite internet friend
Someone you wish you could meet
The person you hate most/caused you a lot of pain
The person you miss the most
The one that broke your heart the hardest
Someone you want to give a second chance to
Someone you wish you could forget
The friendliest person you knew for only one day
Your reflection in the mirror

<3 Alexa(: