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Hands in the air, woah-woah-oh, this is how we do it.
So, my internet has been down, and I apologize for not posting.
I've been trying.
This is the second snow day this week.
We had one yesterday and today.
but I wish I had a lot to say, I would update about it.
Yesterday was my best friend Erin's birthday and I just shipped her Christmas/Birthday present to her this morning.
So I'm pretty psyched for her to get it.(:
Monday was the first day of the new semester at school.
First period, I have Business Math, still, but with a whole bunch of new students.
Second period, I have US History with SMART, Honor students.
Third period, I have English 11 with Mr. Hall, and I have Samantha in that class(: And I felt her baby kick super hard:D
Fourth period, I have Intro to 3D art.
Fifth period, I have Study Hall/Credit Recovery.
Sixth period, I have Business Foundations. Fucking hate that class.
and Seventh period, I have English 9. English FUCKING NINE. I'm the only damn Junior. There are like 2 Sophomores, and the rest are freshman.
But Hanna's in there, so it's not that bad.
But if anything else happens today, then I'll update(:
I have to get off because mom's makin me T_T


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