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30 random facts about me
So if you have Facebook, you've probably heard about the whole 30 random facts thing. I got tagged about 5 times, but I only did 3. I discovered how much I loved doing them, but it seems no one's doing them anymore, so I'm probably going to do some on here from time to time when I have nothing to write about and to make up for some missed entries. Here we go.
1) I'm probably one of the biggest video game nerds ever. I love playing Call Of Duty(original and Black Ops), Halo, and Modern Warfare.
2) I hate looking at my reflection. All I see is failure, fat, and a loser.
3) I have a couple of fears, darkness, heights, doctor needles, knives, spiders, ventriloquist dummies, having people crowd around me, public speaking, death, birds, clowns, and walking alone in places with a lot of people there(it feels like everyone is staring at me).
4) This might go with the fears, but I hate it when I'm walking and someone is walking really close behind me. I absolutely HAVE to move out of their way.
5) Science and History are my worst subjects.
6) It's kind of hard to type with a Wii, but I'm gettin' by
7) Everytime I listen to The Ready Set, I fall more and more in love<3
8) I hate chocolate and cheese.
9) On Twitter, I always tell Justin Bieber how amazing he is, how much I look up to him, and how dedicated I am to him. And I will #neversaynever because one day, I know he's going to Retweet and/or reply to me.
10) Pertaining to the Justin Bieber facts, I can honestly say that I am one of the most loving, supportive, and dedicated fans he has. Because I've supported him since he was on YouTube and I'll continue to support him.
11) My papaw yells at me for everything I do (ex: texting, pausing the DVR show that I'm watching, putting pictures and posters on my wall, etc.) basically, he's a dick.
12) I hate the shape of my nose. It's just so weird and huge.
13) I can't stand it when heavy women are all “show off your curves! I'm happy with my size!” I'm a bit chubby and I most deff don't want to that. It's not healthy or beautiful. My opinion.
14) I used to love Miley Cyrus. When she was a good role model.
15) People used to tell me that I'd never get a picture with BrokeNCYDE. I got pictures with all of them, SE7EN hugged me, and I had a conversation with Phat J. Jeffree Star is the one you need to worry about.
16) I almost fainted when Caleb Turman of Forever The Sickest Kids called me “sweetheart” when I asked if he would take a picture with me and sign my shirt.
17) I love telling concert stories. But I think you've already figured that one out for yourself.
18) I had braces for 4 brutal years of my life.
19) I'm freezin balls right about now.
20) I think I might have an internet addiction. I've had MySpace, Facebook, MyYearbook, Twitter, YouTube, DailyBooth, LiveJournal, Stickam, AIM, Photobucket, Flickr, Skype, and God knows what else:P
21) My goal in life is just to make people smile, laugh, and be happy.
22) When I was 5 years old, I jumped out of a moving truck because I wanted to beat my mom to the bathroom.
23) I dread going to my dad's because I know I'm going to do something that he doesn't like and he'll give me a 20 minute lecture on it.
24) Tweets from Justin Bieber are BLOWING UP my phone. He tweets so dang much.
25) My 3 year old just came into my room blowin her new year horn thing and yelled “Happay New Yeearr!” she's the cutest(:
26) I can't wait until I'm 18 and I can get all tatted up.
27) I'm kinda glad this is almost over, I can't think of anything else.
28) I hate Fantastic Sam's. They suck balls-a-roony at cutting hair.
29) Hot Rod is my favorite movie. I know every single line.
30) When I'm done with this, I'm getting on Facebook, writing the typical ode to the end of 2010, then later on, calling Erin, and watching the ball drop(:
Happy New Years Eve, everyone(: