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New Years Resolutions plus updates
I'm going to answer this first, then I have a few updates.
My New Year's Eve resolutions:
Uno-Lose weight(as I've always had on every NYE resolutions list) because I'm like. 180 lbs right about now.
Dos-have a better attitude towards my mom.
Tres-forget about Isac Gillen and how he broke my heart.
Cuatro-get a boyfriend.
Cinco-see (in concert) and meet Justin Bieber, All Time Low, NeverShoutNever, Lil Wayne, 3OH!3, Big Time Rush, Breathe Carolina, and Ke$ha. Or at least a majority of those just listed.
Seis-See and meet (for a second time) The Ready Set(because Jordan is my favorite singer EVER and when I met him, I was too in love at that moment to even say anything), BrokeNCYDE(and hopefullyyyy smoke with them<3), and Dot Dot Curve:)
Siete-Meet my best friend in the whole wide universe, Erin Rhea Shoemaker, when she visits Indiana all the way from Texas in the summer of 2011.
Ocho-update LJ way more often.
and I'm pretty sure that's it. My mom and mamaw want me to start eating meat again. Not happening.
Okay, I think it's about time for the updates, don't you think?
Alright, so for Christmas my family got a Wii. No one else uses it, so it stays in my room, and I got internet on it. So hopefully I'll be updating this a lot more. So there's one New Year's Resolution crossed off my list.
I just read my last lj update and now I remember what I was going to update about. Like I said, Isac and I aren't talking anymore and I regret letting him go, terribly. I think about him everyday and I keep praying and hoping that he'll come back.
Last month--the same day I became a vegetarian--I saw Black Veil Brides for a second time. And when I met them, they remembered me because of my Child Development baby(: and Andy shook my hand for being the only person to ever bring a fake baby to any of their concerts(: it was so cool(:
Well, I have nothing else to put, so I'm gonna get off of here.
Fair winds, mates.