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Woah jeez.

Holy balls. I haven't been here in a while. I really need to start updating more. First off, I'm really upset that the Steelers lost the SuperBowl. I'm not even sure how long ago the SuperBowl was. But anyway, not much has happened that much lately. I finished my paper mâché of Finn, I'm painting him now(: I've been a Vegan for one months and two days now:D Isac (from that letter to him a few journal posts before) texted me this morning at 1AM, and when I checked my phone this morning and saw it, my heart skipped a beat<3 I really hope stays around. I don't really have anything else to talk about, so I'll write in here tomorrow. Bye(:

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Goo Steelers!

Helloo, people!
I'm not going to write to much tonight.
I didn't do that much today, because I was really tired and lazy and stuff.
I stopped talking to Isaac because he was being a real dick.
I can't wait until tomorrow, Walmart, then the Super Bowl(:
Steelers are TOTALLY gonna win!(:
But I'm really tired, and I'm gonna get to bed.
Sorry it was so short:/

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Feliz Viernes(:

Thank God it's Friday night, and I ju-ju-ju-ju-just got paid.
I didn't really get paid. It's just a song, silly.(;
So today was alright. Minus the bus rides. Long story short, I stood up to the bus driver and cussed him out because he was being rude to my friend. He didn't get his way, so he bitches at me for every fucking thing I do.
He's trying to get me kicked off the bus.
I was almost in tears, because he's being such a dick.
But anyway. We had a Health fair at school that the HOSA kids put on. I hung out with Hanna:


And Krystal:

I'm working on a paper mâché of Finn the Human from Adventure Time With Finn and Jake(: it's going pretty great, I can't wait to paint it!(:
But I was all ready to go home and make some refried beans and put them into some soft tacos and just go hard. I go home, check the ingredients and it says "may contain: milk, eggs, and lard"
I was so sad. Now I'm making Spaghetti tacos:D
But I'm gonna go cook, eat, and the Skype with Isaac(:
Have a happy Friday night, all(:

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New iPod Touch

Hello friends!
It's been a while, I know.
But I just got my iPod Touch working!
And now I can post to my journal!
I have a few things to talk about before I go to bed.
If you haven't heard of Matt & Kim already, check them out. They are simply amazing.
Cameras, Block After Block, and Good For Great are amazing.
Exactly one week until Never Say Never 3D!
I'm really excited!(: Hopefully I get to go to IMAX and actually watch it in 3D!(:
I started Veganism, and it's going pretty well so far, and I've lost some weight(:
I think that's really all I've got right now. I'll check in tomorrow(:

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Hands in the air, woah-woah-oh, this is how we do it.
So, my internet has been down, and I apologize for not posting.
I've been trying.
This is the second snow day this week.
We had one yesterday and today.
but I wish I had a lot to say, I would update about it.
Yesterday was my best friend Erin's birthday and I just shipped her Christmas/Birthday present to her this morning.
So I'm pretty psyched for her to get it.(:
Monday was the first day of the new semester at school.
First period, I have Business Math, still, but with a whole bunch of new students.
Second period, I have US History with SMART, Honor students.
Third period, I have English 11 with Mr. Hall, and I have Samantha in that class(: And I felt her baby kick super hard:D
Fourth period, I have Intro to 3D art.
Fifth period, I have Study Hall/Credit Recovery.
Sixth period, I have Business Foundations. Fucking hate that class.
and Seventh period, I have English 9. English FUCKING NINE. I'm the only damn Junior. There are like 2 Sophomores, and the rest are freshman.
But Hanna's in there, so it's not that bad.
But if anything else happens today, then I'll update(:
I have to get off because mom's makin me T_T

I've Got A Bone To Pick With You, Mister DJ.
So today, I had to go back to school. And I have final exams starting Wednesday. I'm going to suck balls at them.
I ran on 2 and a half hours of sleep today. I feel asleep at 8pm, wok up at 9pm. Then couldn't get back to sleep. It sucked.
Well, I drove my mom to the Dentist and was waiting in there for like 35 minutes. So I texted her and told her that I'd be in the car. So I look in the rearview mirror and I see my friend Nathaniel so I get out and walk over there and here comes Bryan Roberts(new boy at school, real cute) and he's just flyin through the air on his skateboard and I was thinkin “YUMM<3” then here comes Cody, my other friend and we all hung out, then Cody had to go to his girlfriend's house, then Bryan went home, and David, another friend haha, and Nathaniel and I walked back down to the dentist office(: it was a fun night.(:
but I'm sorry that was kinda short:/ I'm dang tired, but I bought “The Other Guys” last night and I don't wanna fall asleep before watching it(:

If You Look, Everybody Here Is Trying On New Faces.
So, I didn't get to posting in time. It is now January 2nd, but I'm going to tell you yesterday's events.
Starting with my bizarre dream.
I woke up in a random kitchen and my mom was talking on the phone. Then she looks at me and goes, “Seriously, Alexa?” and I go “What?” and she goes “You got your permit suspended. Why were you going 14mph on the freeway?” then I laughed and walked to the front yard and my papaw was sitting in the front seat of a Mustang GT and my cousin Koert and my friend Christian were in the passenger side. Then we went to the movies and I was standing up against the wall outside, smoking a cig (I don't even smoke.) and I looked over and Jordan Witzigrueter (<3) was standing next to me and I was like “Oh my God. I love you. I've been your biggest fan since you've started making music.” and he chuckled, and he had his iPad with him and I go “You know what you should do?” and he goes “heh, what's that?” and I go “you should tweet 'Hangin with @alexaaisabeastt at the movies'” and he starts typin' away. Then I get a Twitter text and I read it and it said “thereadyset: hangin with @alexaaisabeastt she's a pretty cool chick, and really cute:)” and I looked up and he winked at me, I bout died. Then I woke up.
He is such a beautiful man.
So yesterday was pretty solid. Hot Rod AND Little Miss Sunshine came on Comedy Central today<3 Tomorrow (well later on today) The Heartbreak Kid comes on(:
So, it's been exactly 1 week and 1 day since Christmas and I still haven't shipped out Erin's Christmas present yet. I really need to do that. Today for sure.
Well, I'm pretty sure that's it.
See you here later today(;
P.S. Something random really quick: The guys in the background of the song “Baby” by Justin Bieber that go “Yupp. Uh-huh.” they make me giggle(:

Dear Isac.
Isac Gillen of Columbus, Indiana, this one's for you.
I could never make this a rude letter. You don't deserve insults.
I just have one thing to ask you. What do you think is so amazing about you that made me fall for you and keep me in love?
I haven't talked to you in about two or three months. It seems like it's been so much longer. I haven't stopped thinking about you. I've never stopped loving you. I always thought I had loved boys before, but I was wrong. I'm in love with you, Isac. I was then and I still am now. You're amazing. You always knew how to make me smile, how to make me laugh, you just always knew what to say. We could talk on the phone for 3 hours straight and never run out of things to say. I still think that if I would've told you to stay, that you would still be here. There are some nights that I'll sit up until 2 or 3am making myself sick crying over you.
I miss your voice.
I miss everything you used to say.
I miss our conversations on the phone.
I miss seeing “1 New Message From: Isac(:” on my phone everytime you would text me.
I miss the feeling I used to get when I got that first text from you when you got off work (that I would wait hours for).
I miss waking up and seeing your Good Morning texts.
I miss texting you all day, everyday.
I miss your Good Night texts when you told me you loved me so much.
I miss when you would sing me songs by The Beatles.
I miss the way you made me giggle when you would sing Mushroomhead.
I miss that time that we sang Trouble by Never Shout Never together, even though you hated that band.
I miss the way you would always sing “The Prawwwmm Queen, The Prawwwmm Queen” when you made fun of Lil Wayne.
I miss telling your mom that I loved her, every time she was in the room.
I miss how much we had in common.
I miss your cheesy pick-up lines you always used to make me laugh.
I miss when I told you I was eating Sweethearts and you told me not to eat myself, which made me giggle.
I miss how everytime we were on the phone you were hot and I was cold. EVERYTIME.
I miss how you would always sneak and get your mom's phone, even if it meant risking getting in trouble by your dad, just to talk to me.
I miss the time I made you laugh when I told you I was going to punch your dad in the head.
I miss how sweet you were to me.
I miss everything about you.
All the time, I always wonder if you ever think about me.
Every night I hope and pray that you would come back.
I miss you and I love you with all of my heart, Isac.

30 random facts about me
So if you have Facebook, you've probably heard about the whole 30 random facts thing. I got tagged about 5 times, but I only did 3. I discovered how much I loved doing them, but it seems no one's doing them anymore, so I'm probably going to do some on here from time to time when I have nothing to write about and to make up for some missed entries. Here we go.
1) I'm probably one of the biggest video game nerds ever. I love playing Call Of Duty(original and Black Ops), Halo, and Modern Warfare.
2) I hate looking at my reflection. All I see is failure, fat, and a loser.
3) I have a couple of fears, darkness, heights, doctor needles, knives, spiders, ventriloquist dummies, having people crowd around me, public speaking, death, birds, clowns, and walking alone in places with a lot of people there(it feels like everyone is staring at me).
4) This might go with the fears, but I hate it when I'm walking and someone is walking really close behind me. I absolutely HAVE to move out of their way.
5) Science and History are my worst subjects.
6) It's kind of hard to type with a Wii, but I'm gettin' by
7) Everytime I listen to The Ready Set, I fall more and more in love<3
8) I hate chocolate and cheese.
9) On Twitter, I always tell Justin Bieber how amazing he is, how much I look up to him, and how dedicated I am to him. And I will #neversaynever because one day, I know he's going to Retweet and/or reply to me.
10) Pertaining to the Justin Bieber facts, I can honestly say that I am one of the most loving, supportive, and dedicated fans he has. Because I've supported him since he was on YouTube and I'll continue to support him.
11) My papaw yells at me for everything I do (ex: texting, pausing the DVR show that I'm watching, putting pictures and posters on my wall, etc.) basically, he's a dick.
12) I hate the shape of my nose. It's just so weird and huge.
13) I can't stand it when heavy women are all “show off your curves! I'm happy with my size!” I'm a bit chubby and I most deff don't want to that. It's not healthy or beautiful. My opinion.
14) I used to love Miley Cyrus. When she was a good role model.
15) People used to tell me that I'd never get a picture with BrokeNCYDE. I got pictures with all of them, SE7EN hugged me, and I had a conversation with Phat J. Jeffree Star is the one you need to worry about.
16) I almost fainted when Caleb Turman of Forever The Sickest Kids called me “sweetheart” when I asked if he would take a picture with me and sign my shirt.
17) I love telling concert stories. But I think you've already figured that one out for yourself.
18) I had braces for 4 brutal years of my life.
19) I'm freezin balls right about now.
20) I think I might have an internet addiction. I've had MySpace, Facebook, MyYearbook, Twitter, YouTube, DailyBooth, LiveJournal, Stickam, AIM, Photobucket, Flickr, Skype, and God knows what else:P
21) My goal in life is just to make people smile, laugh, and be happy.
22) When I was 5 years old, I jumped out of a moving truck because I wanted to beat my mom to the bathroom.
23) I dread going to my dad's because I know I'm going to do something that he doesn't like and he'll give me a 20 minute lecture on it.
24) Tweets from Justin Bieber are BLOWING UP my phone. He tweets so dang much.
25) My 3 year old just came into my room blowin her new year horn thing and yelled “Happay New Yeearr!” she's the cutest(:
26) I can't wait until I'm 18 and I can get all tatted up.
27) I'm kinda glad this is almost over, I can't think of anything else.
28) I hate Fantastic Sam's. They suck balls-a-roony at cutting hair.
29) Hot Rod is my favorite movie. I know every single line.
30) When I'm done with this, I'm getting on Facebook, writing the typical ode to the end of 2010, then later on, calling Erin, and watching the ball drop(:
Happy New Years Eve, everyone(:

New Years Resolutions plus updates
I'm going to answer this first, then I have a few updates.
My New Year's Eve resolutions:
Uno-Lose weight(as I've always had on every NYE resolutions list) because I'm like. 180 lbs right about now.
Dos-have a better attitude towards my mom.
Tres-forget about Isac Gillen and how he broke my heart.
Cuatro-get a boyfriend.
Cinco-see (in concert) and meet Justin Bieber, All Time Low, NeverShoutNever, Lil Wayne, 3OH!3, Big Time Rush, Breathe Carolina, and Ke$ha. Or at least a majority of those just listed.
Seis-See and meet (for a second time) The Ready Set(because Jordan is my favorite singer EVER and when I met him, I was too in love at that moment to even say anything), BrokeNCYDE(and hopefullyyyy smoke with them<3), and Dot Dot Curve:)
Siete-Meet my best friend in the whole wide universe, Erin Rhea Shoemaker, when she visits Indiana all the way from Texas in the summer of 2011.
Ocho-update LJ way more often.
and I'm pretty sure that's it. My mom and mamaw want me to start eating meat again. Not happening.
Okay, I think it's about time for the updates, don't you think?
Alright, so for Christmas my family got a Wii. No one else uses it, so it stays in my room, and I got internet on it. So hopefully I'll be updating this a lot more. So there's one New Year's Resolution crossed off my list.
I just read my last lj update and now I remember what I was going to update about. Like I said, Isac and I aren't talking anymore and I regret letting him go, terribly. I think about him everyday and I keep praying and hoping that he'll come back.
Last month--the same day I became a vegetarian--I saw Black Veil Brides for a second time. And when I met them, they remembered me because of my Child Development baby(: and Andy shook my hand for being the only person to ever bring a fake baby to any of their concerts(: it was so cool(:
Well, I have nothing else to put, so I'm gonna get off of here.
Fair winds, mates.