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Feliz Viernes(:

Thank God it's Friday night, and I ju-ju-ju-ju-just got paid.
I didn't really get paid. It's just a song, silly.(;
So today was alright. Minus the bus rides. Long story short, I stood up to the bus driver and cussed him out because he was being rude to my friend. He didn't get his way, so he bitches at me for every fucking thing I do.
He's trying to get me kicked off the bus.
I was almost in tears, because he's being such a dick.
But anyway. We had a Health fair at school that the HOSA kids put on. I hung out with Hanna:


And Krystal:

I'm working on a paper mâché of Finn the Human from Adventure Time With Finn and Jake(: it's going pretty great, I can't wait to paint it!(:
But I was all ready to go home and make some refried beans and put them into some soft tacos and just go hard. I go home, check the ingredients and it says "may contain: milk, eggs, and lard"
I was so sad. Now I'm making Spaghetti tacos:D
But I'm gonna go cook, eat, and the Skype with Isaac(:
Have a happy Friday night, all(:

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