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If You Look, Everybody Here Is Trying On New Faces.
So, I didn't get to posting in time. It is now January 2nd, but I'm going to tell you yesterday's events.
Starting with my bizarre dream.
I woke up in a random kitchen and my mom was talking on the phone. Then she looks at me and goes, “Seriously, Alexa?” and I go “What?” and she goes “You got your permit suspended. Why were you going 14mph on the freeway?” then I laughed and walked to the front yard and my papaw was sitting in the front seat of a Mustang GT and my cousin Koert and my friend Christian were in the passenger side. Then we went to the movies and I was standing up against the wall outside, smoking a cig (I don't even smoke.) and I looked over and Jordan Witzigrueter (<3) was standing next to me and I was like “Oh my God. I love you. I've been your biggest fan since you've started making music.” and he chuckled, and he had his iPad with him and I go “You know what you should do?” and he goes “heh, what's that?” and I go “you should tweet 'Hangin with @alexaaisabeastt at the movies'” and he starts typin' away. Then I get a Twitter text and I read it and it said “thereadyset: hangin with @alexaaisabeastt she's a pretty cool chick, and really cute:)” and I looked up and he winked at me, I bout died. Then I woke up.
He is such a beautiful man.
So yesterday was pretty solid. Hot Rod AND Little Miss Sunshine came on Comedy Central today<3 Tomorrow (well later on today) The Heartbreak Kid comes on(:
So, it's been exactly 1 week and 1 day since Christmas and I still haven't shipped out Erin's Christmas present yet. I really need to do that. Today for sure.
Well, I'm pretty sure that's it.
See you here later today(;
P.S. Something random really quick: The guys in the background of the song “Baby” by Justin Bieber that go “Yupp. Uh-huh.” they make me giggle(:


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